Happy 5th Birthday! Aug07


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Happy 5th Birthday!

As the title says, it is now officially the 5th Birthday of My Random Jukebox. Since 7 August 2011 I have been sharing my thoughts about music using Tumblr, Blogger and now my own website but the name My Random Jukebox has remained the same. I like to think it has always stood for honest support to the music that matters to me and since the beginning it has grown as a place where you can find out about amazing unsigned and independent music. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and I decided to show my face to thank you in person by recording the video below.

As you can see I have given my site a new face as I thought it was about time I did so and I wanted to hopefully make it easier for any visitors to find some new music. Even though it is all new it is not finished as I still have plenty of new features in the pipeline including a section to let guest writers show their support to the music that matters to them. Also, there is still more visual changes to come so watch this space or my social media sites for updates.

As always, if you want to recommend some new music to me or if you are a musician/band who wants to share your music with me then check out the links to my social media pages (top right of the website) and get in touch.

5 years is a long time in blogging and I plan to continue as long as my passion for the music and the love for what I do remains.

Thank you all for you continued support, you are all amazing people!

James (aka The Juke)