Great Escape 2015 Part 2

I recently talked about my visit to The Great Escape Festival in Brighton and how I loved the different music it has to offer music fans like myself. My post Great Escape 2015 Part 1 included 5 out of 10 musicians/bands that stood out for me and which made my festival experience so amazing. Well, I now want to share with you the final 5 musicians/bands from my list and hope you agree with me that they all sound great!


I have become a fan of this band after hearing Allan performing a solo set during a Sofar Session. There was something about their songs that made it so easy to connect to and I was excited to hear this music performed by the full band during the festival. Well, they sounded as good as I expected as they delivered a captivating folk/pop sound. Allan’s vocals sounded great and I loved the harmonies delivered by the band during each song. The guys performed my favourite song ‘Bark and Sticks’, the lyrics speak to me and I can’t help singing along to its catchy hook. I just wished the set went on for longer. Expect to hear more about Kosoti in the near future as this is a band that I am a huge fan of and I will be showing them my support. Until then, find out more about the band at or at their social media sites at Facebook or Twitter.

Easy Stride Band

Well, this one I did not expect to be such a big hit with me and I will explain why. This band delivered something different with its blend of acoustic reggae, funk, soul and few other sounds thrown into the mix. I choose these guys to give me something different during my festival experience. When I saw them perform there was something about Joe’s infectious enthusiasm that pulled me in. I found myself nodding my head while tapping my feet to their funky beats. I also liked how Joe added depth into the music while using his loop pedal which was pretty cool. I enjoyed the infectious happy vibes of their music so much that I saw them perform again later in the festival. The songs ‘Dreamer’ and ‘Nomad’ really stood out for me. Like the band before, expect to hear more from this band on my site as I am a fan! As fan’s, its our duty to support the music. If you want to hear more about this awesome band then check out Facebook or Twitter.

The Black Fields

My final day of the festival started with this band who have a sound that is difficult to describe but it’s good, really good. They describe their sound as dark Rock n Roll but I would say it also includes some country and folk. I have been aware of their music before the festival and their unique sound is the reason I wanted to see this band perform. Their set had a great energy about it which everyone was enjoying. I found it interesting as the lead vocals were shared depending on the song which I felt give their music a much wider sound that I liked. Regular readers will know I am a sucker for some harmonica playing and these guys delivered that too, yes these guys were awesome. It was difficult to choose a favourite song as they all stood out for different reasons. I highly recommend that you head over to to find out more about this awesome band. You can also go and say hello to them on their social media sites at Facebook or Twitter.

Michael Baker

What can I say about this guy, his set was mesmerising from start to finish as he delivered a performance that had a genuine honest emotion to it. Here is a singer who connects to each song to deliver this wonderful sound that captivates the listener. Michael has a great vocal ability that reflects the emotions that provide the soul to each song. This emotion is also felt in his lyrics which shows off an impressive song writing ability. I could write so much more about this musician but I will save it for a later post as I intend to review his album ‘Keys to the Kingdom’ which I recommend you grab a copy of it today. If you want to learn more about Michael then head over to his website at or his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

Little Brother Eli

As soon as I heard these guys were playing the festival they hit the top of my list as I needed to hear them live. I have featured these guys on my site before as I love their awesome blues rock sound matched with killer vocals. They were my last band of the festival and what a way to end it as these guys brought their A-Game! Not only did they sound great but they dressed the part too, looking as sharp as they do in their music video’s and promo shots. Alex is typical old school front man and just concentrates on bringing the killer vocals leaving the rest of the guys to bring the noise. I was also impressed with the backing vocals from the band which helped to give the songs that extra punch. Their songs ‘Dreams’ and ‘Who do You’ really stood out to steal the show. Little Brother Eli were so good that they were my overall favourite of the festival (congrats guys). I strongly recommend that you check out this band at or you can say hello to them at Facebook and Twitter. You can also find out more on my review Little Brother Eli Round 2 (click HERE).

Well, that was my highlights of Great Escape Festival 2015 and I hope that some if not all of these artists have become new favourites of yours. I am already looking forward to the festival next year and seeing what new music I can find.

As always, if you are fans of any of these musicians that have been featured then don’t forget to spread the word about their music. As fans the more we help promote the more music they can create. For me, its a win/win situation! So go support the music that matter to you TODAY!