Great Escape 2015 Part 1

Regular readers will know that I have attended the music festival, The Great Escape, in Brighton over the last 2 years and as a fan of the festival I bought my tickets to attend this year too.

If you are not aware of this festival then I’ll give you a little bit of information to explain why I’m a fan. The Great Escape offers a lot to music lovers as it provides mainstream music and breakthrough music as part of the main festival. The reason I am a fan of this festival is that it also has the Alternative Escape which showcases unsigned acts or music that is trying to be heard. I prefer this side of the festival as it has a wider range of sounds as well as hearing music in a more smaller intimate venues. This is where I spent most of my time during the festival.

My research of the festival was based on the following simple rules. If I have featured the musician/band on my site then they were automatically added to my planner. After that I listened to one song from every artist/band and they were added to a yes/maybe/no list.

I made my schedule with the yes artists and if any of them performed at the same time then I selected I replaced them with some random choices from the maybe list. I would like to say that all went to plan but it did not and some improvisations was required. Overall, I had a great time and ended up attending 26 gigs over the 3 days. I now want to share with you my top 10 musicians that stood out for me (in order that I saw them). Here is the first 5.

Blair Dunlop

Blair began my festival and it was a great way to kick it all off. He performed his set in a small venue with a crowd who were attentive through each of his songs. I enjoyed his set a lot which was thanks to his guitar skills which reminded me at times of the technique showcased by Newton Faulkner (this is a big compliment from me). He also had a captivating vocal tone which was used effectively to deliver an impressive lyrical talent. As each song went on, the more his way with words grabbed my attention and I recognised an impressive song writing ability. For me, my favourite song called ‘Castello’ really showed off how good his music sounds. I am looking forward to finding out more about this talented musician. If you want to find more then head over to his website at or visit his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.


I have been aware of Tom Staniford for a while now and when I heard he joined other musicians to create the band Heath I was curious to hear the music they would collectively create. Their sound is atmospheric with Tom’s vocals in support. It reminded me a little of the music created by the musician Fink whom I am a fan. They sounded so good that I saw them perform twice. First time was an acoustic set by the band which let Tom’s vocals take centre stage. However, it was the second time which really caught my attention as it gave a more true account of their music. Musically the band blended effortlessly to deliver an amazing audio delight for the ears. As much as Tom’s vocals sound good it the band’s overall sound that stole the show for me.

I bought a copy of their EP ‘February’ after their set which included my favourite song ‘Give me Over’. I highly recommend that you check out the music from Heath by visiting their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. Expect to hear more about Heath on this site in the near future.

Amber Dee

Amber was not part of my original schedule but I found I had time to spare. I visited a pub on route to my next destination and this is how this discovery was made. The guy beforehand was OK but didn’t feel the sound system did him justice. Next up was Amber who sounded good during her warm up so I decided to stick around for her set. She used her electric guitar to deliver a soft sound which was supported by her nice vocal tone which had an impressive control about it. I have now added her 2 eps ‘About Time’ and ‘Somewhere In between’ (listen HERE) since her performance. I highly recommend you check out her songs ‘Ocean’ and ‘Last Song’ which sounded great during her set. Find out more about Amber at her website or on her social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

Jeremy loops

What can I say about Jeremy Loops that I have not said before. This guy is a natural born entertainer who gives everything in his music which is not only infectious but well crafted. He delivered an energetic and fun set which had the crowd were loving every minute of it. You need to check out one of his live shows as they NEVER disappoint! I must add that my favourite track called My Shoes sounded as epic as ever and Motheo Moleko giving us the rap section sounded equally as good. Definite highlight of the festival for me! Find out more at his website or on his Facebook and Twitter pages.Check out my review for his debut album Trading Change (click HERE) which is due for UK and US release soon.

Walking on Cars

While researching the festival this band really stood out after hearing the amazing song called ‘Always be with you’. I can confirm they sounded great, even better than I expected. Their front man Patrick Shelby had a great presence on stage who delivered a spellbinding emotion to match their wonderfully crafted lyrics. After their set they played an acoustic set outside the venue which really showed off the talent that this band possesses. I have purchased their ep ‘Hand in Hand’ which I have listened to a lot recently and I can’t wait for them to release more new music. Check out more about them at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Well, that was the first half of the top 10 shared with you all. If you want to find else who else made the cut then you won’t have to wait too long as you can read about it at Great Escape 2015 Part 2!