Gitta De Ridder – Feathers

The music by Gitta De Ridder has been a favourite of mine since I added her debut EP ‘Come Find Me’ to my own CD collection. It was her mesmerising voice that originally stood out for me,  as she has a warm tone that is so soothing. This EP sounded so good, I featured it on my site (see Introducing Gitta De Ridder).

Gitta has now returned with her debut album called ‘Feathers’ which was the result of her successful crowd funding project with PledgeMusic. I was so happy that her fans came together to help make this happen.


When I heard that Gitta was working on a full length album ‘Feathers’ I was so excited for her to spread her musical wings and give the world a full showing of her songwriting talent. Naturally I had high expectations because of the standard of her debut release but I knew that this songstress would deliver. I remember when I first listened to this release in full, I put on my headphones (to soak up her sound) pressed play and sunk back into my chair as her music instantly put me in a relaxed mood thanks to the opening track ‘Wanderer’. This gently sweeps you away thanks to the wonderful combination of delicate vocals and acoustic guitar style that are the foundations this album is built on. I love how her guitar style mirrors her gentle vocals, it is used in a wonderful way to make the listener feel the emotion of each song.

The rest of the album continues to take you on this wonderful audio journey that is a delight on the ears and will not disappoint. There are personal highlights throughout these 10 songs which include the title track ‘Feathers’ and ‘Lie with Me’. However, it is ‘Stay a Little Longer’ that shines the brightest for me. Gitta has said this is about family, time, love and about holding on to the moments that we love. It showcases her songwriting talent to perfection as it has an honest soul within its sound that is mirrored by the lyrics and voice. A great track that you should take the time to listen and appreciate.

When the last song ‘Lie with Me’ was done, I was left with a wonderful chilled out feeling and so happy that this album was part of my collection as it is there for me to listen to again and again. I can understand why Gitta is proud of what she has created.

‘Feathers’ is a wonderful collection of songs that are as beautiful as her voice and you need to treat your ears by giving this album a listen. Talk a trip to her Bandcamp site (click HERE) to hear it and when you agree with me on how good it sounds, then you a purchase a copy while you are there.

Gitta De Ridder loves her music and is always performing, for which she receives nothing but great reviews. I recommend you go see her live. Head over to her website at to find out her upcoming gigs or if you want to learn more about this wonderful musical talent. This information can also be found at her social media sites at Facebook and Twitter which she likes to say hello to her fans.

If you are listening to the music of Gitta De Ridder and your ears like what they hear then don’t forget to spread the word. Tell the world all about this amazing talent today!