FUSE by Thrones

0006925050_100I am so excited that the guys from Thrones are back with a new EP called ‘FUSE’ and SPOILER ALERT, it’s awesome! If you have no idea who this band is or why I’m excited then take a seat while I explain. Back in 2013, Aarron Constable (vocals), Jake Meldrum (guitar), Bexley Cheetham (guitar), Joe Stock (bass) and Danny Cheetham (drums) decided the world needed some no nonsense rock. 2014 saw the release of their debut EP called ‘This Old Rotting Heart’ which is a favourite amongst my CD collection and when you hear the song ‘Long Live the King’ you will understand why. If you want to find out more about this release then check out my review ‘Introducing Thrones’.

Before I talk about ‘FUSE’ EP, I want to share a little chat I had with the band about their release as well as a little bit more. This is what they had to say:

How did Thrones come together and is there a story behind the name?

In the beginning Bex (Guitar), Jake (Guitar) and Aarron (Vocals) had the desire to form a band which consisted of Classic and Blues influenced rock which seemed generally lacking in the local and wider music scene.Danny (Drums) joined pretty much by accident, after the idea for him drumming was thrown out there mostly because he happened to be in the room at the time, whereas recruiting Joe (Bass) actually had some thought and logic behind it. Aside from Aarron we all went to the same School, albeit from different years and unfortunately had some recollection of each other in some form. In terms of the name, we batted around the standard terrible ideas, tried our hand at putting words together, used generators and such. In the end it was pure chance, Danny and Aarron both suggested Thrones and it stuck. Partly because by this point we were all getting a little fed up with trying to decide and the ideas were getting a little odd.

How would you describe the bands sound and which musicians have helped influence this?

Like every band, we’d like to believe we have something a little different from everyone else out there. Whether that’s true or not is an entirely different, matter but if true, our ‘sound’ can definitely be attributed to the wide range of influences we all have individually being thrown in all together. There’s Blues, Classic Rock, Metal and other bits and pieces in there somewhere, so specific influences are difficult to nail down. However generally speaking, our main influences as a band are probably Led Zeppelin, Alter Bridge, The Foo Fighters, Slash and more.

Which is the bands favourite song from the new EP and why?

That’s a tricky one to answer as each song has its own feel and context is pretty important. So probably a longer answer than was required but Lean Back is our favourite in terms of the core riff in the song. When we started writing it, that riff just kept the process so fluid and easy going because that became the basis of the entire song. When we play live, Chains is one of our favourites and on the EP, it’s the song that’s raw and has a lot of energy. It seems to be one that gets attention at shows because we put a lot on energy into it when we play. Fuse on the other hand is probably the song we’re the most proud of in terms of musicality and how it was written. It was definitely not the easiest song we’ve written and it took a long time, because we didn’t try to write it. It’s the song that best illustrates our progression as a band and our writing.

What can people expect from your shows?

Well it’s always a laugh let’s put it that way. We play shows because we love our music and we love our band and ultimately, we want to share our passion with anyone and everyone. So at our shows we enjoy playing and we want everyone else to enjoy the music (and a few jokes and beers along the way).

Now this EP is released, what’s the future plans and goals for your music?

The plan remains the same as it always has been. This is our passion, this is what we want to do. The dream is of course to get noticed and flung onto bigger stages with thousands of adoring fans and free hot dogs left right and centre but when all is said and done, as long as there are people who love what we do as much as we do as a band, then we’ll keep going. This EP in our opinion is a far reach above our last and hopefully the one that’ll get us noticed. We’re in the process of getting a video done for one of the tracks which will be out at the end of this year/early 2016, we’re continuing to book shows around the local area and will hopefully be branching out within the next few months to other cities and with a bit of luck, things will start to gain momentum for us.

The first thing I noticed when listening to ‘FUSE’ EP was that the bands overall sound has improved, it feels like its been aided by an improved recording and production value. This gives you a much better showing of what Thrones has to offer and as a result helped to produce the best collection of songs from the band. They always sounded great but this EP has taken them to a new level.

‘Lean Back’ starts the ball rolling and proves that Thrones are back and they mean business. This song is all about the music as the band showcase this new and improved sound. It has the 80’s infectious rock energy that ticks all the right boxes and creates the foundations of this EP. Throughout this release you hear how Jake and Bexley bounce off each other to create this awesome wall of guitar energy with some killer solo’s that helps to make this EP rock so much. It’s not often I say this but the dude with the sticks captures my attention the most throughout this release as Danny sounds like a total animal on the drums.

Next up is ‘Chains’ which continues this rocking vibe. This track is more balanced as everyone shows off their talents and Aaron reminds us how good his voice sounds. He may be on form on this song but when you listen to the last and title track ‘FUSE’ you are treated to what he brings to this rockfest. I have always been a fan of Aaron’s vocal abilities which now sound even stronger and if it could, it would strut around with the confidence it gives off. I also love the guitars solo’s on the track which sound pretty damn sexy. Such an epic track!

Overall, this is a great release which I have a love/hate relationship. I’ll explain, I really love what the guys have created here but hate that it’s only 3 songs as I really want more. Head over to their Bandcamp page (click HERE) to listen to the EP in full and take in their great sound. If you like what you hear then you can purchase a copy while you are there.

I am a huge fan of these guys and really hope they get the attention that their music deserves. I am also hoping that it will not be too long before we have to wait for some new music and us fans have our fingers crossed that a longer EP or better still, an album is on the cards. If you want to find out when this will happen or want to learn more about the band including future shows then head over to their website at Thrones.Rock. You can also find them on the usual social media sites at Facebook and Twitter where you can say hello to the guys. Go and tell them how great their music sounds! Don’t forget, if you are liking what you are listening to by the Thrones then tell the world about them, as music this good needs to be heard!