Four Star Mary Pieces Pt.1


Towards the end of 2015 I had the pleasure of featuring one of my all time favourite rock bands Four Star Mary on my site (see post Introducing Four Star Mary). During my review I talked about how the band were in the process of working on their latest EP ‘Pieces Pt.1’. After a successful fan funded project I can say that this EP is now available and I want to take the time to share my thoughts about it.

It may have been over 9 years since Four Star Mary released their last album but Pieces Pt.1 EP feels like they’ve never been away. As a fan for over 15 years I was a little nervous and I hoped that Tad Looney (lead vocals), Michael ‘Zu’ Zufelt (guitars), Steve Carter (bass), Derrick Tanner (rhythm guitarist) and Steve “Boomstick” Wilson (drums) could still produce that trademark sound that made me a fan. I have seen many bands return after huge breaks but not many have returned as strong. After listening to their EP I’m happy to say Four Star Mary are back!

The Ep starts with ‘Stay with Me’ which is my favourite song from this release. This song reassured me that Four Star Mary still know how to write epic rock songs with a catchy hook. Tad’s vocals sound as good as ever and the band sound like a well oiled rock machine. This is followed up with the title track ‘Pieces’ which eases off the gas a little and let’s Tad’s vocals steal the spotlight. I’m really like the lyrics on this one. The EP finishes up with the song ‘This Life’ which is another strong offering and shows that this release is all about quality not quantity.

The EP as a whole may not sound like much has changed, but I felt there has been some fine tuning of the Four Star Mary engine. The production value sounds sharper giving the listener an even better audio experience. You can hear the layers within each song and what each member brings to the band. I have to say that Steve ‘Boomstick’ sounds like an animal on the drums and the guitar solo’s from Zu sound awesome!

Overall, Pieces PT.1 is a really solid return to the music world for Four Star Mary. If you are a fan of rock music then you need this EP in your collection today. I am not saying this just as a biased fan but as someone who listens to a lot of music. You can honestly hear the talent that this band possess. Do yourself a favour and head over to the usual online stores like Amazon or iTunes to purchase a copy of this EP today. You could also head over to their CDBaby page (click HERE) to purchase the EP on CD or any of the previous releases. Go on, treat yourself!

So, now Pieces Pt.1 has been released what next? Will there be a part 2? I got the chance to speak to Zu from the band who told me that they plan to release a new EP every 3 months in 2016. The next one is due in April. They also have plans to hit the road which includes a return to UK shores but they still need to arrange dates. With three more Ep’s this year and a chance for me to finally see them perform live, I’m really happy fan! If you want to keep update with the going on of Four Star Mary including future releases and tour dates then head over to their website at You can also head over to their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

I always talk about this importance of supporting the music that matters and as a fan of Four Star Mary I will be definitely doing so. Three more releases this year’s means you can expect 3 more EP reviews about them on my site. I will be helping to spread the word on social media too. If you are a fan of any musician or band then help spread the word to help make their music grow. Hopefully this will include the music of Four Star Mary. Go spread the love of music today!