Everlate – Show Me Bravery

If you follow me on social media you will know that I have been a big supporter of the band called Everlate for well over 2 years now. I originally became a fan after discovering the music of Andy Doonan (who was featured on Introducing Andy Doonan). Not long after that Everlate were formed and since then I have been helping to spreading the word about their amazing sound.

Let me properly introduce you to the guys who are Andy Doonan (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Piano), James Rodgers (Backing Vocals & Bass Guitar), Si Humphries (Backing Vocals & Percussion) and Dom Bennison (Backing Vocals & Lead Guitar). Since forming they have been receiving nothing but great views for their songwriting style that connects to the listener and natural indie/folk sound that is supported by captivating harmonies/solo vocals.

They have been busy performing around the UK which has seen them play alongside the likes of Toploader, The Hoosiers and The Staves. What I really like about Everlate is that they love to stick to their roots as you can catch them busking on the UK streets, especially in their hometown of York.

Until recently, they had released the EP’s ‘Sky on Fire’ and ‘Falling Through Fiction’ which were obviously well received. From these I recommend you check out the songs ‘Bullet’ and a huge favourite of mine called ‘Here you Are’. Now to the present day and the guys of Everlate are back with their debut album ‘Show Me Bravery’.

‘Show Me Bravery’ is an amazing collection of songs which has so much to offer thanks to their songwriting style and vocals. Musically, Everlate bring a gentle indie folk sound to reflect the tone of the vocals and lyrics to each song. This flows throughout the EP as the guys blend together to ensure the listener is captivated from start to finish.

From the songs that Everlate have offered in the past there has always been an impressive calibre to the lyrical side of their songwriting craft. When you listen to songs like ‘Every Vessel’ and ‘Show Me Bravely’ its hard not to pay attention to this side of their music. During the song ‘Every Vessel’ you are also treated to some wonderful piano skills.

What helps to make these words stand out so much is their vocal abilities. I have followed Andy’s work in the early days and it was his voice that originally caught my attention. He has this wonderful gentle tone that compels people to stop and listen. He seems to effortlessly deliver emotion to the words and in doing so gives the listener something special. However, the vocals don’t stop there as the rest of the guys offer some stunning harmonies that at times remind me of The Dunwells, this is a big compliment from me. No song shows this off more than ‘Safe House’ which has a special quality that is easily my favourite from the album. Stunning!

This collection of songs are so strong that they can speak for themselves and I can’t recommend enough how much you need to give them a listen. Head over to their YouTube, Soundcloud or Spotify pages and you will understand why I am such a fan. If you like what you hear then grab a copy of ‘Show Me Bravery’ from iTunes or Amazon. Alternatively, visit their store by clicking HERE.


Its been great hearing how Everlate have grown but I strongly believe their best is still to come. To find out what the future holds for the guys including upcoming gigs and new music then check out their website at Everlate.com. You can also find them at Facebook or Twitter.

I am a big believer of supporting the music that matters to me and this is one of the major factors why I have created my site to do this as well as using my social media sites. So, if you are a fan of Everlate then help do your part and spread the word about them TODAY!