Euphoria Audio, The Album!

Recently I checked what music I promoted in 2014 and I was surprised to learn that the debut album from Euphoria Audio was not featured. Well this is going to change as I’m going to feature them right now!

If you do not know about Euphoria Audio then let me introduce you to them. The band includes Matt Shirty (lead vocals), Ben Lloyd (guitar/ vocals), Ben Hughes (bass) and Josh Hughes (drums/ vocals). Together they create a style of rock that can easily compete with the heavy hitters of mainstream rock including the likes of Daughtry, Shinedown and many more. In 2010 they produced their 4 track EP which includes the tracks “Speechless”, “House On Fire”, “By My Side” and “3 Seconds”. This was the EP that caught my attention and was featured on my post ‘Introducing Euphoria Audio’. After a successful pledge campaign they were able to release their debut full length album which was released during 2014.

While listening to the album I have to remind myself that these guys are from the UK as their sound seems to be heavily influenced by American rock and I mean this in a good way. They deliver this must hear stadium rock sound that is filled with soaring choruses, great riffs and some epic vocals. The album is packed with so many outstanding tracks and I can confirm this is an ALL KILLER NO FILLER release. One thing I look for in my favourite rock band is awesome vocals and Matt Shirty definitely delivers that. He has a killer range that delivers the right amount of emotion to each song to help take the music of Euphoria Audio to another level.

I have found it difficult to choose my favourite 3 songs which is a credit to their song writing ability, as each song stands out on its own merit. ‘Gravity’ was the first song I ever heard from the band back in the day and it remains a firm favourite with me. This and ‘3 Seconds’ both are my highlights from this impressive album. As I said earlier, I have found it difficult to choose my favourite 3 songs and as I can not choose my overall favourite track I will pick two. Trying to choose my favourite between ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘You can Run’ is impossible as both showcase the great sound that this band produces. Go buy this album today!

I don’t know about you, but I want more music from this band after such an impressive outing. I will continue to monitor their website at and their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter to find out when knew music will be released. If you love your rock music with great vocals and catchy hooks then this is the band for you. If you are loving the music of Euphoria Audio then help spread the word and tell the world!