End of the Road Apr26


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End of the Road

This is easily the most difficult post that I have had to write, I did try to record a video but the words didn’t seem right. As you might be able to guess from the title, my (almost) 6 year journey with MyRandomJukebox.com has come to an end.

Regular readers will know that I prefer to keep an honest approach with my reviews and I will continue that trend with my words here. Over the last year I have been pouring most of my spare time into the site and the admin that goes with it. It may not seem like it but writing reviews, dealing with submissions and other stuff takes up a lot of time. People from my inner circle have always commented about the vast amount of work I put in to the site.

The problem is that the amount of free time I can spend has become reduced resulting in the added pressure to deliver. I know the usual standard was two reviews per week and I did contemplate reducing that to one to ease some of the pressure. Even one review with all of the other work that goes into the site does not give me that much relaxation time. With all other stuff going on in my world, I need some me time.

Something had to change. Over the last few days I have been soul searching, consulting with a few friends, weighing up the pros/cons and my decision was made. This chapter of my story comes to an end.

For now, I have a few reviews which I already agreed to produce so they will be completed but will be featured on another site (when I find them a home). I will also keep the site active for the rest of 2017 so people can still discover some new music but at the end of the year, it will close down for good.

I love supporting independent and unsigned music so I will still be busy doing my part through my social media sites at Twitter and Instagram. I’ll still be writing my monthly guest review with Appetizer Radio and who knows, I may do a few more for other sites in future.

All I can say now is thank you so much for all of your support over the years, it really means the world to me. Also, keep supporting the music that matters to you TODAY!

Much love and gratitude