Dustin Prinz and his One Man Show

Regular readers and people who follow me on social media will know that I am a big fan of the work of Dustin Prinz. As soon as I heard that he was working on a new EP I knew that I would have to create a feature, because as a fan, I want to support the music that matters to me! Well Dustin has finally finished his new EP called ‘One Man Show’. If you are not aware of Dustin Prinz then open your ears and let his music into your world. This talented musician has a great style about his sound which is supported by his sublime guitar techniques. I love to hear his guitar on new songs to find out what new skills he wants to share with us listeners.

Dustin has released many great sounding EP’s/albums which I have featured on previous posts including Introducing Dustin Prinz and Dustin Prinz is Feeling It.


So, let’s talk about his latest EP ‘One Man Show’. For me, his previous release ‘Feeling It’ EP showed a change in his music which offered us something which felt like he was more connected with what he created. His latest EP continues this trait and improves on it to give us his best collection to date which remains built on the foundations of his impressive guitar skills. I love how they are so intricate and captivating which the title track ‘One Man Show’ perfectly demonstrates as he makes his guitar sing. I am a big fan of this song as it’s not only the stunning guitars that stand out for me but its all the short burst of lyrical content at the end which adds so much. Speaking of Dustin’s lyrical skills, this is the side of his songwriting that stands out the most throughout this release. I am not sure what has changed over the last few EP’s on how he creates new lyrical content to add to his music, but I’m not complaining. The stories and emotions he shares are moulded in such a way that it captures the listeners attention. My favourite song ‘I’m Home’ has everything that makes this release stand out for me including the wonderful line ‘walked out to pond, skip another stone and imagined that we’re one last skip from home’. This line makes me think about home and my younger days when I was living with my parents. I am not sure why but I like the fact that it does. I have listened to this EP a lot and I can honestly say that Dustin should be proud of what he has created. By the way, you should also check out ‘While We’re Spinning’ as it is yet another great example of how good his music sounds.

Overall, as I said earlier this is the strongest collection of songs from Dustin Prinz and a must for any music fan to check out. If my words have not sold it to you then all I can say is give his EP a listen and let his music do the talking. As good as this EP sounds, you will have to wait until August 24th to grab your copy. ‘One Man Show’ can only be found on his website (click HERE to visit his store) as well as his other outstanding releases.

A sign of a great musician is when their music has finished and you want more and this is how I feel after hearing ‘One Man Show’. I will be eagerly awaiting more new tunes as I expect we will not have to wait too long. Check out his website at DustinPrinz.com to find out more about the man, his music and future shows. You can also connect with him on his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. As a fan, I will be doing my part to spread the word about Dustin Prinz and urge you to do the same if you like what you hear. Music this good needs to be heard!