Dustin Prinz is ‘Feeling It’

I have previously shared the music of Dustin Prinz on my site (see post Introducing Dustin Prinz) as his music oozes so much talent on so many levels, including his vocal ability and a highly impressive guitar style. He also makes the coolest music videos which you can find on his YouTube page that you should check out once you’ve finished reading this post (click HERE to view). These videos also show off his ability to play various instruments, which you can see on one of my favourite songs ‘Angry Break Song’ which you can see below.

I am a huge fan of this guy and I have supported his music a lot through my social media sites. I have also rated him in the top 10 musicians/bands that I have featured on this site since I began writing about music (see post The Juke Recommend). Because of this, I was excited to get the opportunity to talk to Dustin about his music and his new EP ‘Feeling It’ which I will review later in the post. I can confirm that Dustin is a great guy who has a genuine love for his music which makes it easier to connect to his music. I asked him a few questions and this is what he had to say:

What was your inspiration for getting into music and which musicians have influenced your sound?

My inspiration for getting into music all started when I first heard Blink 182. ha ha  

When I was around 14 years old, my parents bought me some 15 inch Cerwin Vega speakers and a receiver for my birthday.  I would blast Blink, Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins, NIN, Foo Fighters, Korn, Metallica, and Days of the New.   Most days after class I’d crank that puppy up and play some serious air guitar until it finally dawned on me that I might actually enjoy playing the real thing.  The following year, my parents bought me a Kramer electric for my 15th birthday and I haven’t looked back since.

Talking about your influences, I am a huge admirer of your stunning guitar skills. Who influenced your guitar style and what pushes you to master this art?

Travis Meeks from Days of the New was a huge influence on my right hand picking technique.  I was blown away by his approach when I first heard him open up for Metallica in the late 90’s.

Kirk Hammet from Metallica – I love his ripping solos!   I’d say another huge influence would be Dave Grohl.  I look up to him as a performer and songwriter.  He’s very passionate about his art and you can tell every time you see him perform.  He gives 110% every single time. 

As you can tell I’m definitely influenced by 90’s alternative music.  I tend to play the acoustic as if it were an electric guitar.  I’m not exactly known for being that clean of a player. ha ha

What were your goals when you began working on Feeling It EP and how did it feel when you heard the final version in full?

I didn’t really set any goals for the EP to be honest.  I finished my previous album January 2014 and I actually didn’t think that I’d be writing for a good amount of time.

I just started shifting direction with the music that I was listening to and that kind of influenced me to write two of the four tracks that made the “Feeling It” EP.  I was listening to a lot of White Denim, Rory Gallagher, Roy Buchanan, and other blues rock as well as mid 60’s to early 70’s psychedelic rock. 

When I stop and listen to the finished product I’m actually pretty excited about how fast the project all came together.  It was all pretty spontaneous to be honest.  I spent a week or so at Power Base Studio in Wisner, NE and Dan Kane helped me record some ideas.  It was shit weather in Nebraska, things were slow, and Dan and I were quite honestly just looking to kill some time. It looks like it was time well spent!

Talking about your EP, which is your favourite song from it and why?

My favorite song from the EP is “No Need To Know”.  It’s simple,  acoustic guitar and vocal.  I fell pretty hard in love a while back and wrote this song while I was still high on the whole experience.  Now that the relationship went to shit it’s nice to know that I at least got a couple songs out of it. lol

Do you have any musical related goals that you want to accomplish?

Music goals….   I want to do extensive touring this year and that looks like it’s becoming a reality!  My schedule is starting to fill up quickly and I’m excited to get some more experience under my belt.  I’d like to grow as a performer and guitar player and I feel that getting in front of people is the best way to do that.

Now your EP is launched, what do you have planned next?

I plan on touring in support of this EP as well as the rest of my discography for at least the next year or so.  Then I’ll probably go back into the studio.  Other than that… who knows what’s next.

So, did Dustin’s new EP ‘Feeling It’ live up to my expectations? Of course it did, there was no reason to think otherwise. For me, this EP is an impressive collection of 4 songs that showcases the variation and depth in the music that Dustin creates but also a more personal feel to his music.

From the get go, the EP started off with that infectious sound that I have come to expect from Dustin with the title track ‘Feeling It’. This is my favourite song from this release because I love the lyrics on this song which is about someone who can’t dance but he is willing to make a fool of himself to impress someone. It makes me smile and sing along with each listen. The lyrics paint a picture and is a great example of the lyrical talent that Dustin has to offer. The pace of the EP changes as ‘First sign of Love’ gives the listener a delicate and tender tone to show us the softer side to his music. I was impressed with this song as I’m not sure if I have heard Dustin deliver a song with such a personal feel to it. This song really shows of the vocal capabilities that he possesses which he uses expertly to mirror the emotion he shares within his lyrics.

Next up is ‘Mr Twiddle Thumbs’ which is a return to that upbeat infectious sound and the first song I heard from this EP. Dustin shared this lyrical video with a twist and again, shows us how to make great videos. I like the happy vibe from this song which makes me smile. The EP ends with another tender track which again gives us a more personal feel to his music. I like the stripped down sound that helps to give this songs its honest appeal. I can understand why this song is a favourite of Dustin,

Overall, this is another impressive collection of songs and with this release, showcases a great balance to his song writing talent. Even though he has a winning formula (in my opinion) it is still great to see Dustin push himself further to create stronger songs that pushes his sound to evolve further. I highly recommend that you head over to his website store (click HERE) and purchase ‘Feeling It’ EP and while you are there grab his other music too. Go on, you know you want to!

As a fan, I am hoping that he releases another EP or better still a full album sooner rather than later, but I know that Dustin is a busy man. If he is not writing music then he is making awesome videos but he is also helps to gives advice on the equipment he uses with a few repair tips. He can also be found on the website JamPlay as he also teaches guitar lessons on there, very cool (go to jamplay.com/teachers/128-dustin-prinz ).

If you want to find out more about Dustin and his music then head over to his website at DustinPrinz.com. You can also find him through his social media websites at Facebook and Twitter.

As a huge fan of this talented musician I will continue to show my support to his music and I hope you will to. If the music matters to you then do not be afraid to use your voice to support it. Go on, use you social media sites to help spread the word about your favourite music and I hope this now includes the music from Dustin Prinz.