Como Brothers Imagination

logoThe Como Brothers and their music have appeared on my site several times now (see posts Still Waters EP and Baby Steps) and over the time I have listened to their music grow. When I first heard their music it had a pop driven sound with elements of rock and soul. Now the guys are back with their latest studio release ‘Imagination’ that I feel offers a great evolution of their music. What the Como Brothers now deliver is a mature sound that is influenced by blues and funk but still keeping elements of pop/soul which has been part of their musical foundations.

If you need a quick recap, The Como Brothers are Matt (bass) and Andrew (guitar) who have grown up around music including performing in a Beatles tribute band with other members of their family. They prefer to create their own music and are continuously fine tuning their song writing abilities. They have released ‘The Speed of Sound’ EP, ‘Still Waters’ EP and their debut album ‘Baby Steps’. These have all been received to great reviews and the praise does stop there as their shows have been getting great press too.

Let’s talk about their new studio release ‘Imaginations’. Like I said earlier, this for me is a game changer for them, and I really like what they have created. I am not sure if this has been influenced by the new band members Andy Burton (keyboard) who worked in John Mayer’s band and Steve Jordan (drums) who was the drummer behind ‘Uptown Funk’. Whatever the reason, I like what I hear. The highlight song ‘Good enough for Me’ is a great example of this change as it has this cool funky blues vibe with an infectious pop element. This song,  as well as the others, have a similar musical foundation with a wonderful depth in sound, which I feel adds so much to this release. I want to quickly show some respect to Andrew’s guitar skills, he is sounding better than ever with the guitar solo’s. This can be heard on the song ‘Imagination’ and their cover of Hendrix ‘Bold as Love’ which is not a bad version. Lyrically, the guys have stayed with their trusted formula of writing a catchy song that is so easy to sing-along to, I guess this is what they learned from their Beatles influence. ‘Tell you I’m Fine’ is a good example of this.

Overall, this is the Como Brothers best collection of songs to date which features my favourite song from the guys called ‘Make my Heart Move’. I like that this song has a slight Americana feel with their trademark pop driven sound. I also enjoy how the song is musically low-key compared to the other songs which lets you focus on the vocals and lyrics. I guess this shows off their songwriting talent and musical arrangement skills. I highly recommend that you give ‘Imagination’ EP a listen by heading over to their Bandcamp page (click HERE). You can also check out their previous releases and if you like what you hear then you can purchase their music while you are there. Alternatively, you can purchase their music from the usual online store like iTunes and Amazon.

Even though I have said Imagination is the latest offering, this is not exactly true as they have released the live EP called ‘Live at 89 North’. This is a great showing of what to expect from their live shows and I recommend you listen to the song ‘Imagination’ which perfectly demonstrates this.This can be purchased from ITunes and Amazon.

I have always liked what the Como Brothers have created but their ‘Imaginations’ EP has me excited to hear what they will create next. If you feel the same or want to find out more about the guys including when/where they are playing next then head over to their website at You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter where you can say hello to the brothers. As always, music needs the help of its fans to continue. So, if you are a fan of the music by the Como Brothers then help spread the word about them today!