Cold Tales by Little Bother Eli


I am really excited to say Little Brother Eli are back and this time they are giving us a full length album called ‘Cold Tales’. I am genuinely ecstatic that the guys have been able to release a full collection of songs because of the talent they have to offer. Since the early days of the band I have been a fan and have been showing my support when and where I can, this has included me reviewing their previous releases (see Introducing Little Brother Eli and Little Brother Eli Round 2).

Before I talk about what Little Brother Eli have created I will talk a little about the band itself. The original founders Alex Grew (vocals) and Joshua Rigal (bass) now are a force to be reckoned with joined by Adam Stowe (guitars), Benji Page (drums) and Tom Williams (lap steel specialist). These are a group of guys who don’t care about the boundaries of genre or what sound is currently cool, instead they bring us music that is definitely their own. They have taken influences from rock, blues, soul and Beastie Boys style hip hop to name a few and mixed them together to create something that is so damn irresistible!

I know from speaking to the guys that they are excited about what they have created and deservingly so. During our chat, they were also kind enough to talk about the new album and this is what they had to say:

What were your goals when working on the new album ‘Cold Tales’?

We wanted to fill the album with as many memorable songs as possible. I think like any band we aspire to make a timeless ‘classic album’

During the process of putting this album together, what were the highs and lows?

The process of putting the album together was quite lengthy all in all. We recorded it over 3 studio sessions which really allowed our songwriting to evolve. We have really dedicated management who really hammered us to go away and keep coming back with better songs – which was a real test for us, but we dug in and in the end we reaped the rewards of that hard work. It was certainly a great feeling to get that sense of achievement when we finally heard the record after working so hard.

How did it feel when you heard the final version of the new release?

We went away and let our producer get on with the mixing process. When we came back to listen we were totally blown away with the sound. I think the most magical moment was listening back to This Girl because the energy in that song is captured really well (see video below).

What is your favourite song from it and why?

I think collectively our favourite song is Beautiful People. It’s certainly a crowd favourite and we always end the live set on it. Alex and Adam sing a duet on it and the way their voices bounce off each other with the narrative of the song is fantastic.

Now the album is out their for the world to hear, what are your future goals for your music?

Our future goals are to keep writing good music and more albums. We’ve got our first European tour booked for September and we want to be out on the road all the time honing our craft.

I am totally in love with this album from Little Brother Eli as it is without doubt one of the finest album you will hear this year! Yes, I might be biased but even if I take a step back and listen to it as a new listener then you can hear how each song is strong enough on its own to grab anyone’s attention. When you group them together like Little Brother Eli has done then you have a colossus of an album.

So, let’s break the album down a little and let me explain why this album is a must for any fan of music. Let’s start with their sound as these guys know how to create a song that grabs you but they can do it for different reasons. The song ‘Shake Me’ has this party anthem feel that will get anyone dancing and its not just me who thinks this as I have seen how the crowd goes crazy when it is performed live. On the flip side they can offer you the flawless title track ‘Cold Tales’ which slows things down to give you a beautiful soulful bluesy vibe that is perfectly sung by Alex. His tone is gentle but gives a bit of power when needed which shows off his flawless vocal control. The band musically strip things back a little to focus on the gentle emotion that is needed for its lyrics. No matter what this band puts together they will create something like any great art which will provoke an emotion. This is either making you dance around like a crazy person (in a good way of course) or make you stop what you are doing to take in the emotion that they can deliver.

I have already mentioned the vocal talents from Alex but I do need to talk about him a little more as this guy is the real deal. What he shares with his voice not only has an impressive range in tone and power but also in vocal styles. Alex has this gift of switching to some delicate soul to some sexy blues to an edgy rock tone and this is all done with such ease. He can also throw in a little hip hop too! What can he not sing? These vocals as well as harmonies from the band are used expertly to deliver the bands lyrical skills which include a lot of catchy lines that gets you singing along before you know it.

There are so many more outstanding examples of their songwriting talent throughout the album including ‘Who do You’ and ‘Beautiful People’. Both these songs have what I call the Little Brother Eli magic that is the combination of sing-along hooks, killer riffs, infectious beats, funky bass lines and epic vocals (plus harmonies). Yes, I think that about covers it! No song in my opinion sounds as good as the song ‘Gold’ which is now my all time favourite song from the guys. As soon as I heard this song it felt different from the usual sound that I would expect from the band. I love the way the band have combined to give is this funky rock energy that gets me dancing and this is something that I rarely do. I am not one for giving the bass some credit but Josh gives us an insanely funky core that makes this song stand out so much. Other than that, Adam, Benji and Tom help to deliver this killer sound that in my opinion upstages the vocals. Wow, did I just say that? Yes I did! Also, just to give you a little warning as you will be singing ‘That girl dances like gold’ before you realise it. Such an epic song.

I am so proud of what the guys have created with ‘Cold Tales’ as I knew they would give us fans something special and they did not disappoint. For me, they have exceeded my expectations and is easily in my top 5 albums of the year. So, do yourself a favour and give the music a listen then head over to iTunes or Amazon to grab a copy of their album as well as their previous releases.

These guys have never let me down with their music or with their live shows, which are an experience that needs to be witnessed to get the true Little Brother Eli experience. If you want to check out their next show then head to their website or their social media sites at Facebook or Twitter for dates. These are also great places to find out more about the band and when new music will be released.

As a huge fan of this band, they can always count on my support towards their music. This will include future features on this site or with me spreading the word about them on my social media sites. If you are listening to the music of Little Brother Eli and feel the same way, then as your duty as a fan go tell the world about them today!