Caroline EP by Michael Baker


If you follow me on my social media sites you will know that I’m a huge fan of the music created by Michael Baker and I have already reviewed his debut release ‘Keys to the Kingdom’ (see post Introducing Michael Baker). If you are not aware of his music then don’t worry, I will give you a quick introduction but you can also click the previous link to find out more. London based Michael Baker is a highly talented singer songwriter who’s music is all about an honest heartfelt sound, supported by his captivating vocals and stunning harmonies. Tapping into his influences of Bon Iver, Simon and Garfunkel, Ray la Montagne, through to Kings of Convenience, you can understand why he also has a talent to the lyrical side of his music too. He loves to perform live and has played at festivals and events throughout the UK & Europe. I have saw him perform live and he does not disappoint, in fact his music sounds even better! I highly recommend that you catch one of his shows to appreciate how good his music really is.

Michael has followed up his impressive debut release with ‘Caroline’ EP. This may be a shorter offering with 5 songs but it continues to confirm that here is a musician who understands how to write songs with an impressive emotional depth and to a very high standard. The EP, like it’s predecessor, displays a raw emotion from start to finish, in which he you can feel how he connects to his music.

As soon as the EP begins you are treated to one of my favourite songs called ‘Caroline’. This song stood out for me on his previous EP and this live version sounds even better. I like how the vocals from Michael and Georgia Mason work in harmony with his gentle guitar style to give us a stunning song. His vocal tone has always been spellbinding and on Caroline EP it is no exception. The way he delivers each song with a controlled tender tone gives his music so much emotion and soul which mirrors his lyrical depth. His songs always feels like he is wearing his heart on his sleeve because of this emotion within his music which is what makes his music so special.

The song ‘Dark Skies’ is the perfect example of why you need to listen to the music of Michael Baker. I think it may also be my overall favourite song from this talented musician. The delicate guitar on its intro entices you in and when Michael starts to sing you will not want to pull away. His vocals never sounded so good which are effortless and share his wonderful words to perfection. Just give it a listen and you will understand what I mean. Such a beautiful song.

Overall, here is a great collection of songs which showcases a highly impressive songwriting quality with songs that have an honest soul. I can not recommend his music highly enough and that you should just listen to his music to really understand how good it sounds. Head over to his Soundcloud page (click HERE) to listen to more of his music. Once you agree that the music is a must then you can purchase Caroline EP as well as his debut release from the usual online stores of Amazon and ITunes. If you are lucky enough to catch one of his live shows then you can purchase a CD, which is what I have done.

I know from speaking to Michael and on his social media sites that he is always working on new music and busy performing live. If you want to find out what is going on in Michael Baker’s world of music then visit his website at or on his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. As a fan I will continue to support his music by spreading the word as you should support the music that matters to you.

Michael is currently working on his debut album ‘Dust and Bone’ which he is looking for his fans to help support as he is using the crowd funding site Pledge Music. I have already made my pledge for a copy of the album on CD as I expect this will be a stunning showing of his music. If you like what you have heard from Michael so far then you should help support his latest project. Visit his page at PledgeMusic/MichaelBaker to find out more and don’t forget to help the word about it too.