Brother and Bones The Album

Brother and Bones are easily one of my favourite bands that I have had the pleasure of featuring on my site (see post Introducing Brother and Bones & To be Alive). There is something about the folk rock sound produced by Rich Thomas (Vocals / Acoustic Guitar), Alex Karban (Bass), James Willard (Electric Guitar), Yiannis Sachinis (Drum Kit) and Robin Howell-Sprent (Drums/Percussion) that has everything I am looking for.

After releasing multiple EP’s and singles they finally released their debut self titled album in August of this year. I had high expectations for this release as each song they unleashed on the world got stronger and stronger. Did they match my expectations? Of course they did, and more!

I love how Brother and Bones never disappoint me and their self titled album enforces that their music is better than ever. The album is made up of mostly new songs except for ‘To be Alive’, ‘Raining Stone’ and ‘For all we Know’ which have featured on their previous EPs. These songs still have the same core but they have been re-recorded to fit in with the sound produced on this release. The new songs demonstrate that even though they have released so many in the past they still have the ability to keep creating songs to a high calibre. It definitely feels that the guys take their songwriting process seriously.

The band are sticking with the trademark sound which is a wonderful blend of acoustic and riff roaring rock with a folk twist. Their music is definitely a full band effort as they blend seamlessly together to deliver this captivating sound. After seeing these guys perform on multiple occasions I am always impressed with the band as a whole as if one person is taken away the music would not sound as good. No song demonstrates this more than ‘Kerosene’. This song has a slow build up before it tears in with its energetic sound which is filled with thundering percussion and electrifying riffs. Add Rich’s amazing vocals with a catchy sing-along chorus and you have what makes Brother and Bones so good! Another element of the band that stands out for me is the diversity in their sound as they mix up the tempo but still allow for the music to flow together. When you listen to ‘Save Your Prayers’ (another highlight of mine) you are treated to a delicate emotion from the vocals by Rich that is supported by a gentle atmospheric sound from the band.

With so many outstanding songs on this album it is hard to pick my highlights but I have mention two of them already. As for my favourite this was an easier choice with ‘Everything to Lose’. This has everything that I mentioned during the review, great variation of tempo, amazing guitar skills on show and epic vocals! Definitely in my top 5 songs EVER by Brother and Bones!

If you want infectious music with a rock/folk sound that is filled with killer guitars, thunderous percussion/drums and outstanding vocals then Brother and Bones are certainly for you. Grab yourself a copy of their album or their previous releases from their store (click HERE). Alternatively head to the usual online stores like Amazon and iTunes. If you still need a little more convincing then you can listen to some of their older songs at their Soundcloud (click HERE).

I know that the guys are always working on their follow up album and I am confident that it will be another great showing of their musical abilities. Yes, when it is released you will read about it here as I am a fan. To find out the progress of the new album or want to know more about the band including future gigs then head over to their website at You can also see where their music adventure takes them by following them at the social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

Music needs the help of their fans to continue and this is even more important when the music is created by independent musicians/bands. Go and support the music that matters to you by purchasing the music, going to gigs and spreading the word. Hopefully you agree with me that the music by Brother and Bones is something special, so go tell the world about them today!