Bet Smith – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is

I’ve been a big fan of the music of Bet Smith after I was introduced to her EP ‘Loose Ends’ which has been previously featured on my site (see Introducing Bet Smith). My favourite song from this release ‘Lone Wolf’s shows off her wonderful vocal style that never fails to impress me due to her beautiful tone and control. I have continued spreading the word about her work ever since this introduction as this is what fans are meant to do!

Well, Bet Smith has returned with the Currie Brothers (Rob and Andrew) with her new album ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’. This time she has swapped her style of folk Americana, to which I am accustomed to, and given us an album with a country feel. I wondered why Bet had changed her musical style and she said, ‘I started writing country songs by accident, several years ago and became addicted to it. Country songs are a lot of fun to write, and allow for a lot more goofiness and gags than socio-political ambient alt-folk’. This is a genre that I am still getting used to and only a handful of musicians have joined my collection with this sound. I am a big believer in the music that Bet Smith and the Currie Brothers can create, and with her voice how could it be bad. Well, I opened my mind and ears to give this album a listen.

The album starts off with a light hearted and fun track ‘Bake sale Angel, BBQ Queen’ thanks to its lyrics and it was nice to hear something so different from Bet. The rest of the album offers some more fun but also gives the listener songs with a slower emotional tone, a nice diversity of moods. The winning combination of Bet with the Currie Brothers as well as some help from their friends help to set these moods for all of the songs and really shows off their talents of how they arrange their sound.

All of the songs share great stories which continue to showcase the lyrical talents that Bet has to offer. The depth of some of these stories are wonderful to hear which are perfectly demonstrated on highlight tracks ‘Train’ and ‘Stick with Me’ (which is a great duet with Cody Thompson and has some great guitar work). As always, it is impossible for me to talk about Bet Smith and not talk about her vocal talents as they are easily one of my favourites that I have had the pleasure to feature on my site. This album gives her the opportunity to let her voice be as diverse as the music it offers. When you listen to the lyrics on my favourite track ‘My Heart Doesn’t Care’ you can hear and feel the emotion of each word. The story she tells shows why I rate this musician so highly. The control within her voice adds so much and makes it stand out for me. This is one of those songs that my words do not seem to do it justice so all I will say is give it a listen.

I know this album was a lot of hard work but I know Bet and the Currie Brothers enjoyed making the album. I really hope they receive the fruits of their labour as this is a surprisingly good country album even though it is not usually my type of sound. I strongly recommend that you give ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ a listen at her Bandcamp page (click HERE). It is also a great place to check out all of Bet’s music as well as making a purchase for your collection. Go on, treat your ears to something new!

Even though ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ has recently been released I know that Bet is already working on another full album which will return to what she calls ‘weird, socio-political ambient alt-folk-pop’. She did tell me ‘Sometimes I think I’ll just quit music, because it’s a foolish passion… but the thing about a passion is that it’s impossible to quit.’ I’m glad she doesn’t plan to quit as music this good needs to be out there for the world to hear.

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