The Best of My Random Jukebox 2016

It’s that time of year again when I choose my favourite releases which have been featured on during 2016. I know I say this every year but this has been the toughest selection due to the high quality of music that has been featured. I was able to get my list down to 12 but I needed to reduce it further as I wanted to choose my top 5. From those 12 that missed the final cut I will say that the following did release some amazing albums/EPs and you should click their names to check out the reviews for what they created:

12 – Ocean Blue EP from Willow Robinson

11 – Where I’m From by Robert J Hunter

10 –The Dark Age by RegalaMia

9 – Feathers from Gitta De Redder

8 – Deep EP from Highchair Kings

7 – Beyond What You See EP from Kingdom Keys

6 – Above the Trees EP by Tim McNary

Now it’s time to start the countdown for the releases that grabbed my time and attention the most in 2016! Click the links to read the full review and find out more about these talented musicians.

5- Beach House EP from Lee Gordon

As soon as I heard the title track ‘Beach House’ it was instantly one of my favourite songs and I was so excited to listened to what else he would create. This EP is flawless and the biggest surprise was that the title track was not my favourite song as ‘Goodbye’ stole the show for me. The reason was that it perfectly showcases what Lee does best with his music which is to wear his heart on his sleeve and this type of sound is hard to resist.


4- Cold Tales by Little Brother Eli

Been a big fan of these guys for what seems like forever now and I’m so glad they got the opportunity to release an album to showcase their talents. This album is an amazing collection of songs that offers a good diversity in sound that includes the infectious track ‘Gold’. I got the opportunity to hear some of these songs performed live which were great. You really need to see these guys live as always bring their A-Game!


3- Disconnect EP from Grumble Bee

I discovered this guy after doing research for Great Escape Festival this year and as soon as I heard his track ‘Sky Writer’ I was an instant fan. This track blew my mind as his sound reignited my love for rock music which breaks the mould to bring his own style and its insanely good! I saw him perform twice during the festival once with full band & other as acoustic. Both were so different but the calibre of his performances were both amazing.


2- Taghazout EP by Tadhg Daly

Looking at my iTunes, it shows that this EP is the most played this year so going off those stats it would seem wrong not to feature this on the list. I have a lot of time for the tracks that Tadhg has created on the EP but it is way too short as it always leaves me wanting more. That shows the quality of the music, which my favourite song ‘Don’t Tell Me’ demonstrates. I can’t wait to hear what he has for us in 2017!


1- Indiana, Rust & Bone from Evanjack

When I first listened to the music of Evanjack, I instantly knew that I was listening to something special. So, when I heard that Scott (man behind the name) was working on the album I was excited to hear what he would produce and expected something that would make this list. However, I did not expect the impact this album would have on my world with its beautiful, and at times haunting sound. It is audio art like this which keeps me supporting independent and unsigned music. Just listen and enjoy!


2016 has been such an amazing year for music and the bar has been set high for 2017. If I’m honest, I am not expecting next year to be as strong as it has to peak at some point. But, I hope that I am wrong and if so, feel free to remind me about this.

I have shared my favourite releases with you all and now I am curious to know what EP’s/albums have had a big impact in your world. So, come find me on Facebook or Twitter and let me know.

Before I go, I want to end with the usual message to support the music that matters to you, especially when it is produced by independent and unsigned musicians. This world is a vast and noisy ocean so as fans it is our job to help make our favourites stand out. Hop onto your social media sites and tell the world about your favourites TODAY!