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Who is the Juke?

Hello all, if you are reading this then I’m guess you are interested in finding out a little more about me and My Random Jukebox. My names is James (aka The Juke) and music is a major part of my life, not just a hobby. There are so many reasons why music is such an important part of my life, but I guess it’s about what a song can bring. For example, there is nothing like the feeling of hearing a new track and the emotion it creates in you when you are hearing something really awesome. It sounds so good that you get lost in the song, either singing along, tapping your fingers/feet or even air drumming.

I first started this blog after I’d joined Twitter and got talking to a few musicians. Long story short, they said I should start a blog. I understand that some people read my blog and they will see that I may not be the greatest of writers but I hope they can see the passion I have for the music as this is what keeps me writing.

I believe that if you are a true fan of the music you enjoy then you should tell people all about it. For this reason, My Random Jukebox is used to support the music that matters to me. I am open minded on different genres of music but I do prefer rock, folk and blues. However, as the title of this blog suggests, I can be a bit random as I have a lot of different sounds in my music collection!

If you want to recommend some new music to me or if you are a musician/band who wants to share your music with me then check out the links to my social media pages (top right of the website) and get in touch.

My life has a great soundtrack and I want to share it with you!