Little Donkey ‘Real Woman’ EP

I recently interviewed the folk rock band Little Donkey (see post Interview Little Donkey) in which we talked about them working on their new EP ‘Real Woman’. They used the fan funding website Pledge Music to help make this EP happen and I am pleased to report that they were successful by hitting 130% of their goal. Gotta love fan power!

If you don’t know about Little Donkey then let me introduce you all to the band who are Mat Frost (Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin), Simon Charlton (Guitar, Stompbox, Vocals), Russ Charlton-Ricks – (Bass) and the new guy Jim Kemble (Percussion). Trying to describe their sound is always difficult but I feel the best comparison is a folk version of early day Pearl Jam. Also know as Grunge Folk.

I had the chance to speak to the band about the success of their fan powered new EP, this is what they had to say:

This EP was helped thanks to the fan funding site Pledge Music. How did it feel when you reached that 100% goal and that the EP was going to happen as result?

It felt like everything had been worthwhile, like all the effort had paid off.  Obviously, as a band, you’re a collective of people who want to be listened to and, truth be told, accepted and hopefully loved.  In using Pledge, you’re basically asking for people to pay for you to do what you do, in return for what you hope they want – It’s a confirmation that you need each other, and that you can be friends and share and love and… well, it just feels pretty damned good to know that your people care enough to help you.  Pledgers are beautiful people.

What was your goals when you began putting this EP together?

Truth be told, the only goal was that we lay down the songs as honestly as possible and that they faithfully represented our live performances. We tried to stay away from too many takes, or overlaying too much, because we just prefer a more ‘live’ feel – Hopefully that’s the case.

When you listened to the final version of the EP in full, did it have the ‘more ballsy, but with the usual rawness’ which you quoted in our previous interview?

It certainly did, and we’re damned proud to have met the expectations of our own quotation!  Joking aside, we’re really happy with the EP – It’s ballsy enough for us to never be able to refer to ourselves a ‘folky’ again, but just on the right side of rawness (you know, when it still feels good and doesn’t hurt too much).

So what does the rest of the year have in store for Little Donkey and what are your plans for 2015?

Mat’s going in for an operation that will leave him out of action for a fair while, so we’ll probably have to Pledge again, to see if we can bung Eddie Vedder some cash and get him as a stand in.  You never know – He might just do it for the Donkeys.  As for 2015?  You’ll have to contact us again then and see where we’re headed!

I have spoken to Simon from the band on many occasions about the new EP and he has always been excited about this release. He also spoke about what Jim Kemble has brought to the band. After hearing the EP I can completely understand Simon’s excitement as ‘Real Woman’ EP their best work to date. This EP still has that amazing grunge folk sound that makes this band such a personal favourite of mine,  but now the addition of Jim on the drums has taken their music to a new level. Its hard to describe this new dimension to the band, maybe its more grungier or edgy. The track ‘Uh-Oh’ featured on their debut EP ‘The Heavy Load Sessions’ and now it has been rerecorded and perfectly demonstrates how much their sound has evolved. As always, their music is supported by the amazing vocal talent of Mat Frost who is one of my favourite singers who I’ve featured on my site. He always sounds so good!

Every song on this 5 track EP shows off their superb song writing ability. This includes the song ‘Mid Level Boss’ which is a great example of their lyrical ability and shows that this band is more than their great sound. My favourite track ‘Real Woman’ was an easy choice as from the moment I first heard I instantly knew that this was something special. This song has everything that makes this band such a favourite of mine. Its hard for me to put it in words but all I can say is that you NEED to hear this song.

Overall, ‘Real Woman’ EP is a must hear release as it is their finest collection of songs to date. Head over to their Bandcamp page (click HERE) to listen to the EP in full and understand why I rate this band so highly. Spoiler alert, this release will feature in my top 10 releases the year.

I know that I am totally biased when it comes to the music from Little Donkey but I guess that is a sign of a true fan. I know the guys have only recently released this outstanding new EP but I am already thirsty for more new music. I really hope the guys get the opportunity to release a full length album to really show off their musical talents and of course, make me a happier fan.

Head over to their website at to find out more about the band including information about future gigs. You can also follow their progress or say hello to the guys at their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter. If you want to hear more music by this amazing band then you can head to their Bandcamp page where you can hear/purchase all 3 of their EP’s (click HERE). I strongly recommend that you listen to the music created by Little Donkey as this is music that needs to join your music collection today!!!