Introducing The Glass Child

I want to introduce you all to the music of The Glass Child aka Charlotte Eriksson. I have been aware of Charlotte’s music for a little while now after our path’s crossed on Twitter. If I am honest, her music is not normally the type of sound that I would normally listen to, but it was her combination of amazing lyrics and amazing vocals that opened my mind to let her music into my world.

Charlotte took a gamble on her passion for music when she was 18 to move to London. 5 EP’s and 2 albums later I am sure that she looks back at that decision to say that it was well worth it. Her art does not stop there as over that time she released her first book in 2013 called ‘Empty Roads and Broken Bottles; in search for the Great Perhaps’. She has also started her own record label called ‘Broken Glass Records’. She also maintains her own social media sites to stay connected to her fans.

Charlotte is currently involved in her House Concert tour but she has taking the time to answer some of my questions. I had the opportunity to ask her about her music, touring and much more. This is what she had to say:

What made you decide to become a musician and is their a story behind the name The Glass Child?

It’s not really something I decided to become. I discovered music, and how much comfort it gave me, when I was around 16 years old. Ever since that day I knew I wanted to spend my life creating that feeling of belonging. And ever since that day I’ve dedicated all I am towards this quest. 

How would you describe your music and which musicians have influenced this sound?

I would describe my music as honest, raw, organic and real. I listen to a lot of different bands and genres, but I think what I find inspiration and are influenced by, are stories and the ability to put words and melodies on something dark, hurtful or even plain, and turn it into something more. How music can make something sad turn into something beautiful, and a daily routine turn into something worth remembering. Some of my favourite bands are Brand New, Ani Difranco, Ben Harper and Trevor Hall. 

When you write new music what is the important part to your process?

My songwriting process is different every single time, and I think that is the magic behind creativity; you can’t crack the code, and if you do the magic is lost. But it always starts with something I need to say or tell or talk about. It starts with the story, and the music grows from there. 

What is your favourite song you have written and why?

All my songs represent a certain moment in time, an experience or a story that has shaped me in some way, so every single song is equally important for me, otherwise I wouldn’t let it out for the world. But on my new album, there’s a song called “Heroes”, and I think I will always come back to this song, as a symphony for my journey.

I know you have been busy touring the UK, what was your highlight of the tour and why?

Meeting all the beautiful people who supported my journey towards this new album! I have the most wonderful supporters in the world, and they’re all like my friends!

If you were headlining a world tour, which bands would you choose as YOUR support?

Oh wow, as my support… I would be happy if I could support any band at all myself.. I would probably bring some friends of mine with me on tour if I could choose. I have two beautiful Irish friends who are releasing music as “Slow Skies”. They’re both the most talented people I know, and I would love to just get to be around them and their vibes. 

Do you have any musical goals you wished to achieve? If so, would you share some of them with us? 

I have tons of goals and plans and dreams. I’m working every single towards them, and this new album is just a small step on the way there. I think the important thing I want people to know is that my music is not a project or a career; it’s my life. How I chose to live my life and create myself. But at its core is my passion for songwriting, how a song can impact a person, and I want to become the best songwriter that I possibly can.

Now that you new album is released, what do you have planned next?

Tell the world about it! I will also keep my House Concert Tour up the whole fall, going to Germany, France, Romania, Netherlands, Sweden and back to the UK. I’m always writing, and I will also start preparing for the publishing of my second book early next year!

As I have previously mentioned, there has been lots of music created by Charlotte which you can find on her Bandcamp site (click HERE). Her new album I Must Be Gone and Live, or Stay and Die is by far my favourite as it is her strongest collection of songs to date. It is amazing to hear how her music has grown and evolved since her debut EP in 2011.

This album is a great lyrical adventure which shows off her story telling ability. Her song writing talent does not stop there as the way she moulds her music to create the right atmosphere to match the lyrics is equally impressive. This atmosphere has a great balance of tempo’s which adds more depth to her music, this can be heard on the stand out tracks ‘I’m Hidden so Well’ and ‘Who am I’. My favourite track ‘Yesterday’ showcases the amazing vocal talent that Charlotte possesses. On all of her songs she always demonstrates her unique vocal style that has an impressive range and control but on this song it steps up even more. With this song she delivers an emotional range and control that is simply captivating. I strongly recommend that you give I Must Be Gone and Live, or Stay and Die, such an amazing album.

I can’t wait to see what she releases next as the music of The Glass Child keeps getting stronger and I know that she has a lot more to offer.

You can find out more about Charlotte on her website as where you can also find out if she is playing a gig near you. Hopefully, next time she tours the UK I will try to hear her perform her amazing music live. Go and say hello to Charlotte on her social media sites of Facebook and Twitter as she loves to connect with her fans. Go listen to the music of The Glass Child today, you will not be disappointed.