Quiet Hounds ‘The Wild Hunt’

The Quiet Hounds are back with their amazing style of audio art in the form of their new EP ‘The Wild Hunt’. Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of this band as I have featured previous releases Quiet Hounds EP and Megaphona (click the links to read their related reviews). I can’t believe that it has been a few years since this mysterious band of musicians have released new music so I hope they have continued with their captivating sound that made me the fan I am today.

Before I talk more about their new EP, I want to talk more about the band themselves. I had the opportunity to talk to the guys and ask them a few questions to help give us a peek into the world of the Quiet Hounds. This is what they had to say.

How did The Quiet Hounds come together and is there a story behind the bands name?

Born of equal parts inspiration and frustration. In a world of noise, how does one get out a message without contributing to the noise? We have the feeling that this music, and great music in general, is part of something much greater than ourselves. We felt it best to remove ourselves as much as possible from the picture and let the songs shine.

How would you describe your music as it has a unique and wonderful feel about it?

There are numerous influences between us musical and otherwise. It can often be a challenge to wrangle all those influences and ideas into a song. Sometimes it just happens, other times we have to work at it. Everyone adds something to the fire. When we do it correctly, the fire burns brightly.  We are bound and determined to carry the fire thru this dark time in music – and the world, really.  We don’t want music to die inside us – it needs to get out into the atmosphere. Music is humanity’s only real shot a an international language.  I think it’s our determination that shines thru and becomes the songs that you hear.

You have recently released your third EP ‘The Wild Hunt’, what were your goals before the writing process began?

We just want to keep writing the best music around and to tell the truth in the best way possible. That will always be the goal.

What were the bands reaction and thoughts after hearing the EP in full for the first time?

We are proud of what we have created thus far. Its a testament not only to great songs and song writing, but great musicianship and truly exceptional production and engineering.

What is your favourite song from the EP and why?

For me it would have to be “Cove Noises” Its a very personal and meaningful piece of music. I don’t think I have ever been a part of a more cathartic piece of music.

Your live performances receive nothing but amazing reviews, how would you describe your shows?

Simply put we like to do things our way. A totally immersive experience. No detail is left untouched. The songs deserve that level of care. To do anything less than is an insult to our music.

If you could write a song or collaborate with anyone (alive or dead), who would it be and why?

I’d love to see what happened if you threw Guy Garvey and Craig Potter into a few sessions.

What are the future plans for the band?

Build an empire.

So, what are my thoughts about the Quiet Hounds new EP ‘The Wild Hunt’? I am pleased to report it is their best work to date. They have delivered their largest collection of songs so far which give a great showing of their song writing ability. The EP demonstrates their amazing talent to mould their words to paint a lyrical picture with their music providing the soundtrack. They have described this musical journey as:

A story of hardship, of life and of love. The weary traveler’s tale can only be sung. Though the cities have yearned, the path has been long and the wanderer takes on a life of his own. So listen close for his language is old but his message is burned into the deepest of souls. May you smile or may you cry, be you lifted by the light, share this tale with all kin in sight.”

You have to respect their mesmerising story telling ability, which on this release feels more personal than ever. Their words are shared with a vocal tone that pulls you in with its emotional warmth. I guess this combination is why fans and new listeners find it so easy to connect to their music.

With so many great songs on show it has been difficult to choose my favourites. Two songs that stand out are ‘Weathervane’ and ‘Wild Light’ which both fully showcase their must hear sound. My personal favourite is ‘Dangerlove’ which is also one of my all time favourite from the band. I really like the delicate tone of the song which makes you fall into the music. Its one of those songs that is difficult to describe why I like it so much as its more about the way the music speaks to me.

Quiet Hounds never fail to impress me with their music and ‘The Wild Hunt’ continues that trend. I strongly recommend that you give this EP and their previous releases a listen as you will not hear a finer example of great song writing. You can listen to the EP’s in full on their Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages. If you like what you are listening to then you can visit their website at Quiethounds.com to grab a free copy of the new EP.

Every time I listen to a new release from the Quiet Hounds I am always left wanting more. I know this is a good sign as it shows how much I really enjoy their sound. I hope that in the future they will release a full length album, or better still a double album. I am sure that if they do then I will learn all about it on their social media sites on Facebook and Twitter. Until then, I will continue to listen, enjoy and support their music.