Riots ‘The Free EP’

I am happy to inform you that Riots are back with their brand new release called The Free EP. If you are not aware of this band, then let me give you a little recap. Riots is the creation of Tommy Lynam who’s music has been compared to the style City and Colour. I have previously reviewed the bands debut release The White EP (see post Introducing Riots) after its stripped down acoustic sound caught my attention.

Their debut album was focused around the vocal talent of Tommy Lyman and the layers of guitars used to create their great sound. However, their new release The Free EP has a slightly different feel as there is more of a band sound with everyone contributing to this EP. The added drums and occasional electric guitar help to give the music an added dimension and depth. The quality of the EP also feels better and I think this may be a result of improved production techniques. This helps to make this EP sound less rough around the edges unlike its predecessor. As for Tommy, his voice is sounding stronger and he has improved his technique in the way he projects the emotion from his lyrics. No track demonstrates this more than the song ‘Love your Life’ which is a highlight of the EP. The lyrics feel personal which you can hear in Tommy’s honest emotion delivered in his vocals.

My favourite song Biggest Mistake stood out for me on the first listen. It was the following lyrics that grabbed my attention.

‘I’m not a freak, why am I criticised for being unique.

Is there a rule that I need to break or did I make the biggest mistake simply being me.

This track also has some cool little rock riffs which add a little more attitude to the song. I might also say that this is possibly my favourite song from Riots and I think the new added band sound has helped to take his music to a new level. Don’t get me wrong, I love the unplugged acoustic sound but I also like this new sound too.

I strongly recommend that you head over to their Bandcamp page (click HERE) and download The Free EP today. From this EP you can hear that this is a band that is getting stronger and this new found band sound will definitely win them new fans (hopefully that includes you).

The band currently have the option to name your price for this EP, so you could grab it for free. While you are visiting their Bandcamp page you should also check out their debut release The White EP. Both EP’s may have a different feel, but what it does show that this is a band that is no one trick pony and I feel they still have a lot more to offer too.

There is something about the sound that Riots produce that I really like and will always leave me wanting more. I am hoping they release more new music and I am hoping for a 7 track EP or album to give their music a true showing of their capabilities. Keep up to date with the band by checking them out on their social media site of Twitter and Facebook. If you do, feel free to say hello as they are cool guys. If you like the music of Riots then help spread the word, as fans it is our duty.