MRJ Winter 2014 Mix

Wow, this year is almost over so I guess its time to share another collection of songs from my previous posts. This time I want to share my favourite 10 songs from posts featured from October to December using the 8Tracks platform. Click the links to find out more about the musicians/bands. You never know, one of these songs may become your new favourite.

MRJ Winter 2014 from Myrandomjukebox on 8tracks Radio.

Here are my recommended songs that make up MRJ Winter 2014 Mix:

Worn out Sleeve by Neil John Onions

Set it Off by Brother Dege

Danger Love by Quiet Hounds

Night School by Native Station

Watch your Back by Sunset Sons

Real Woman by Little Donkey

Coins by Darius Alexander

My Love by Speak Brother

Young & Lazy by The Matinee

Lipstick by Jessi Robertson

Another mix and another great range of sounds which proves why this jukebox is random! It has been a great year for music which can be heard on the previous mixes. Click the links to listen to the SPRING, SUMMER and AUTUMN mixes.

If you are listening to the mixes and their is a musician or band that you really like the sound of then remember to show your support. Buy the music, spread the word by telling the world all about it. Long live independent music!