MRJ Autumn 2014 Mix

It’s that time again where I use the 8Tracks platform to create another mixtape featuring more of my favourite music I’ve talked about on my site. I have made the difficult decision to choose my favourite 10 songs from musicians featured on posts from July to September to create my Autumn mix. As always, I have added links to each song to to provide you with more information about these amazing musicians and band. Maybe one of them will become your new favourite.

Here are my recommended songs that make up MRJ Autumn 2014 Mix:

Never Dreamed to Dare by Plan Escape

Save my Soul by Rivvrs

Self Made Man by Philip Marino

Next Time You’ll know by Dustin Prinz

Empty by Little Donkey

River Song by The Honeyrunners

If the Devil’s gonna Play by Richard Bower

On the Road by Sunset Sons

On My Way – Brenton Sound

Far From Home by David Liversidge

I’ve got to admit, this is a cool diverse mixtape that really demonstrate the blog title of My Random Jukebox as we have rock, blues and Americana just to name a few. It also shows the high calibre of music that I have featured on my site and on the mixes that I create click HERE to listen to my other mixes).

Remember, if you like any or all of the music that you hear on my site and mixes then don’t forget to show your support. Buy the music, spread the word by telling the world all about it. Long live independent music!