Introducing Sunset Sons

People have been asking me ‘What has been your favourite music this summer?’ This has been a real easy question as it has mainly featured the music from the ‘Le Surfing’ EP from a band called Sunset Sons. Their music has been played LOTS since I discovered it while I was doing my research on the musicians playing at The Great Escape Festival earlier in the year (see post The Great Escape 2014). As soon as I heard their track ‘On the Road’ I was instantly hooked and I bought their EP ‘Le Surfing straight away. Since then, I have been showing my support as my followers on twitter can confirm.

So who are Sunset Sons? They are Rory (vocals / piano), Jed (drums), Rob (guitar), Pete (bass) and together they create a cool and catchy sound. I thought the best way to learn more about the band was to ask the guys. I talked to them about the band, their sound and much more. This is what they had to say:

How did the band come together and is their a story behind the name?

We all met at Le Surfing a few summers ago. It’s a bar owned by Pete’s cousin Woodie, on Estagnot beach in Hossegor. We all ended up separately in South West France just because the surf scene there is so good.

Jed saw Rory singing on the piano in the bar one night and the rest is history. We originally went up and played as a covers band in the French Alps under a different name and cut our teeth there, eventually we started writing our own stuff and when we got back to the beach last year we decided to just focus on that.

The name Sunset Sons, I guess was to sum up our lifestyle and our music. Being out in the water ’til the very end of the day and then having some fun afterwards.

Which bands/musicians are the biggest influence on your sound?

We all like different stuff, Rory’s really into Motown, Pete’s into Rock and Metal, Rob and Jed mainly into the greats.. Stones, Beatles, Springsteen etc. We like seeing bands live like TV On The Radio, or The Black Keys.

The main thing we all agree on is that music should be melodic, emotive and exciting.

Which track off the EP is the bands favourite to perform and why?

We’re just starting to get used to people singing our songs back to us… They definitely feel great to play when that happens! We’ve been finishing the set with On The Road and it’s been pretty special.

I know you guys have been touring a lot lately. What’s been the must have music to survive the journey?

We listen to loads of stuff in the van. We all agree on Tom Petty so he gets played quite a bit. Manchester Orchestra too.

What’s the future plans for your music?

We’re all just really excited to make an album and then get out there and tour and play it to people. Playing live is what we really love to do.

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How good is the ‘Le Surfing’ EP? It’s awesome, review done! Seriously, they have put together 4 songs which project this fun vibe that is so infectious. For me, this EP always leaves me in a great upbeat mood and this is one of the many reasons why I can’t stop listening.

From the moment the EP starts with ‘She Wants’ you get to hear Rory’s amazing vocal tone at work before you get to hear this funky style of surfer rock. This song has a really catchy hook that gets me singing along to the line ‘I am the only one’ with every listen. Next up is my personal favourite ‘On the Road’ which instantly made me a fan with its infectious beat and amazing energy. I can confirm this track sounds great when performed live as it gets the crowd going crazy! Try and catch this band live as they not only sound great but they know how to entertain a crowd. ‘Loa’ slows the pace a little and delivers some emotional depth due to its lyrics which are mirrored by some more great vocals. This is a similar feel to the song ‘No Way Home’ which wraps up the EP.

‘Le Surfing’ is such a catchy EP which delivers irresistible lyrics and an infectious sound. This is an amazing debut release and I can totally understand why their music is getting a lot of attention. I’m so glad this is part of my music collection and strongly recommend that you add it to yours today!

As the guys have said, they are working on a new album which I am very excited about. From what they have shared so far on their social media sites at Facebook and Twitter, this is going well and they are teasing how great it is sounding. Expect to read a full review of the album when it is released as I am confident that it will be their best work to date and that it will eclipse their impressive debut EP.

Check out the music of the Sunset Sons today and let the good times roll!