The return of The Fallen State

Earlier this year I introduced you all to the rock band The Fallen State and their very impressive self titled EP (see post Introducing The Fallen State). The collective ability of Ben Stenning (vocals), Jon Price (guitar), Dan Oke (guitar), Greg Butler (bass), Rich Walker (drums) have created an EP that delivers a full throttle rock n roll experience. It may have only been 3 tracks long but what they lack in quantity they definitely made up in quality!

Now the guys have released their follow up EP called ‘Two’. I will talk more about that later as I want to share the recent chat I had with Jon from the band. I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about the band, the new EP and more. This is what he had to say.

How did The Fallen State come together and is their a story behind the name?

‘The Fallen State was formed last summer. Essentially, we are all guys who like the same style of music and had come from bands playing many styles over the years. We clicked as people and musicians and it seemed natural and just straight-up enjoyable to carry on!

The name itself was picked as a reflection of the places we all found ourselves in at the time we formed – old bands splitting, life choices etc. That and we really liked the feel of it!’

How did you approach the new EP after such an impressive debut release?

‘The same way we we did the first! We love working together and have found the pattern of working on clusters of songs and putting them into an EP every few months a really effective way of giving our fans the music we love to make. This time around we were more familiar with the production approach we developed for the first EP and are really stoked for people to here it.’

Which is your favourite track from the EP and why?

‘My personal favourite has to be the first track ‘Burn it to the Ground’. I really love the feel of the chorus and some of the harmonies and drops really work for me. It also really does it for me as it is song that was brought to a finished state through months of working other and trying stuff as a group. It feels like a real collective effort.’

Do you have any musical related goals that you want to accomplish?

‘Onwards and upwards! Love writing, producing and playing music. We just want to do all of these things more and more experiencing great stuff along the way. On a personal level the dream for me would be hitting up one of the big stages at somewhere like Download or one day having some form of guitar feature done on my playing!’

Now the new EP is released, what is planned next for the band?

‘We’ve spent the better part of a year bringing our sound together and we’re going to take it out on the road very shortly! We don’t plan on stopping recording anytime soon however. You can look forward to another EP towards the end of this year which will make three in all for 2014. We’re really excited about our work and who knows what we can achieve for the rest of this year let alone 2015?!’

So, how did ‘Two’ compare to their debut self titled EP? I described their debut release as full throttle but this new release has found a new gear. It sounds like each member of the band has fine tuned what they bring to The Fallen State to give us a stronger rock ‘n’ roll experience. Obviously I have to mention how awesome the guitars sound and how Ben’s vocals sound even stronger. However, its the thunderous beats supplied by Rich that caught my attention the most as it gets me tapping/stomping along with every song. It’s not often I give the drummer some credit, but guess this shows how good he sounds.

My personal highlight from the EP is ‘Rise’ as when the drums starts the rock storm begins. If the drums are the thunder the the guitars are the lightning and together they make this track sound so damn good! I also like the lyrics which are delivered by my favourite vocal performance from Ben. This song really shows how they have developed the lyrical side to their music.

Overall, these guys have raised their game to deliver another impressive release. I highly recommend you buy both of their EP’s, click shuffle, press play and the let the rockfest begin! Trust me, you will thank me for this advice!

I am already excited to hear the new EP later this year and can’t wait to hear their sound develop more. I would like to hear the guys deliver either an acoustic track or slower track to show that they can produce more depth to their sound. I know they have the talent to do so.

Follow their rock adventure by visiting their social media pages at Facebook and Twitter. 2014 is going to be huge for the guys and you can say you were there from the beginning by showing your support. If you are a fan of music that rocks, then The Fallen State are the band for YOU.