Spring/Summer Mix 2015

I think it’s about time that I took a look back at the music featured on My Random Jukebox over the last 6 months. Personally it has been a difficult 6 months juggling the blog and the rest of my crazy life, but the calibre of music has not suffered.

I have be fortunate enough to share with you all some amazing music including some of which has blown my mind. To recap this music I have created a new mixtape using the awesome 8Tracks website (click HERE to learn more).

Here are my top 10 favourite songs featured on My Random Jukebox over the first half of the year which I have called ‘Spring/Summer 2015′. Click the links to read the review about that particular musician.

Picture in my Mind by Scott Lloyd

This is Now My Home by Gitta De Ridder

The Art of Silent War by Lino

Who do You by Little Brother Eli

Feeling it by Dustin Prinz

Vagabond Hide by Tarq Bowen

Back in 1993 by Johnny Ashby

Busted up Blues by Tough Old Bird

Lone Wolf by Bet Smith featuring The Currie Brothers

Last Song by Amber Dee

If you have enjoyed this mix and would like to hear more of the other mixtapes I have created then head over to my 8Tracks profile (click HERE). Go and see what new music will grab your attention.

As you would expect I already have more great music to share over the remainder of the year. I have some already planned and I’m so excited to share these musicians with you so watch this space.

When music sounds so good and you become a fan, remember that it is you duty to help support it. This is either by buying the music, going to gigs and spreading the word on social media. So go on, support the music that matters to you today.