Introducing Dave Hanson

I was first introduced to the musical talent of Dave Hanson when I saw him perform with The Dunwells at The Great Escape Festival 2013. During the bands set I was impressed with his skills on the electric guitar. The following year, I was sad to learn that he decided to leave the band, but excited as it was to create his own music and I wondered what it would sound like. I can confirm that Dave now creates what he calls a ‘laid back, bluesy and groovy sound inspired by his love of JJ Cale, Dire Straits and The Black Keys’. This can be heard on his debut EP ‘Blind Faith’.

I wanted to give you some more information about Dave Hanson but there is not a lot to find, so I thought I would ask the man himself to share a little more about his world of music and he was kind enough to answer my questions. This is what he had to say.

Who or what inspired you to become a musician and which musicians have influenced your sound?

I grew up listening to my dads vinyl collection (which I stole and now lives at my house 😉 – early rock n’ roll, blues, funk, Beatles, Abba… Then as I started to learn guitar it was players like Clapton, Hendrix, Knopfler. I love JJ Cale. He made these timeless albums with a really unique, laid back feel. I also love the Black Keys and how they make records that are modern and relevant, but still retain a cool retro vibe.

When you sit down to write new music, do you have a set process or do you go with the flow?

I don’t have a set rule to writing a song, but I usually try and start with a hook. Most of my songs actually start by me humming into my iPhone. Lyrics are also very important to me. I try not to be too serious with my lyrics, but I do like to tell a story. I have a knack of getting myself into the most surreal situations so this provides a wealth of material to write about!

Talking about writing songs, which is your favourite from the new EP and why?

I would have to say Blind Faith. It was written at a time when I’d just left my previous band (The Dunwells) and was at a crossroads. The song is self biographical from that point in time, and a bit of a finger up to the doubters that thought I should retire into obscurity.

If you were headlining a world tour, which 2 musicians/bands would you choose as YOUR support?

I like the idea of joint headline/package tours rather than one artist headlining. I’d love to tour with a guy from the States called Jonathan Tyler. He makes really cool americana tinged Rock. I would also love to tour with Gary Clark Jr. IMHO he is the future of the blues – the real deal. I played a few shows with him back in 2012 and he blew me away with his guitar playing. I reckon that line up would make for some interesting collaborative jams on tour!

What are you future plans and goals for your music?

I have a new album recorded and ready for release. That will be available for pre-order in November 2015 via pledge music – with a release date of April 2016. UK and European tour scheduled for Spring 2016. And I’ll be at SXSW in Austin. Probably hit the Festival circuit next summer.

Let’s talk about the EP ‘Blind Faith’. Here is a four track release which at it’s core is all about the blues, and as a fan of this genre you know this is all good with me. It definitely feels like a homage to the early works of Eric Clapton and JJ Cale who are major influences. This can be clearly heard in the way he blends back vocals with his own as well as his subtle guitar style. For me, it is the vocals that stood out the most, which surprised me as I thought his guitar skills would have stolen the show. I only heard Dave sing on a few live video’s on which I found it hard to tell how good he sounded. Listening to him on this EP was a whole different story as he sounds really good! His tone mirrors the relaxed feel of this release which adds so much to his music it sounds so natural and effortless with its range. This is all supported with the blues vibe which is delivered by some funky bass, infectious harmonica playing and Dave showing off his skills on the guitar. My only issue with this EP is that I expected a little more guitar solo’s but I guess that’s because I know how good he can sound.

Out of the 4 songs on offer, I recommend you check out ‘Joanna’ which has soft verses but changes pace when it hits the chorus’ which has a sing along anthem feel to it. It also gives the listener a taster of Dave showing off his solo skills on the guitar. My personal favourite from this release is the title track ‘Blind Faith’ as its retro Americana sound reminds me a little of music by Tom Petty. It is the songs lyrics which grabbed me the most as it tells a tale of someone’s life. I’m not sure if it is about Dave personal journey or not but I like the details it shares, it showcases the lyrical talent that he has to offer.

Overall, I expected good things from ‘Blind Faith’ and it did not disappoint. I do recommend that you check out this EP (have a listen HERE) and if you like his sound as much as me then grab a copy to add to your own music collection. Grab a digital copy from the usual online stores at Amazon or ITunes or grab a copy on CD from Dave’s website (click HERE).

I know that Dave has only recently released his debut EP but he is already busy working on his debut album. I have spoken to him on many occasions and he is eager to get this album out there. He has this genuine excitement about what he is creating and I can’t wait to hear the end result. To find out about the progress of the album as well as more info about gigs, head over to his website at Alternatively check out his social media pages at Facebook and Twitter.

Musicians like Dave Hanson understand the value of their fans to help spread the word about their music. Without this support they can not continue what they love to do, create the music that matters to us. So go on, support the music that matters to you today! Hopefully this will now include the music by Dave Hanson.